Monday, November 21, 2005

State Standards

Well, I am writing this post and getting paid for it! I am teaching the Computer Class for the CPS. What I was realized is that the State Standards are obsolete. You can apply them for writing lesson plan. LOL But the truth of the matter, the standards really do not relect what the new student of the 21st cntury need to learn in todays higher level thinking. Yes, there are vague curriculumns standards, what we need are new technology standards, maybe a complete set that is free standing and not inter-woven. I do beleive this is not a inter-woven class and that it can be readily dismissed when the budet is low. Ba humbug technology is life and education. It should be mandated at all lvl's. What I have seen in our technology class for teachers is sad. Teachers at the Master lvl acting and posting the way they do. I would like for them to try that nonsense in another class. I am so glad no one will ever read this


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