Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Coming to this class again reconfirms my belief DO NOT listen to fellow students. Mike, my professor who i regard as an awesome teacher. maybe he is to good, when i leave his class i feel discourage for i know i could never be as good as him. I am not referring to the materal. I am referring to his teaching style. It is one that will go down in history book for he is teaching, teachers who are in a Master program and will have gave some skill to be able to communicate to ther students. I still can not believe student ask him why and for the re is no answer, he comes up with one, well Mike hats off to your outstanding teaching style. Hope one day i get the hang of it, maybe after 10yrs or so...lol

Monday, November 21, 2005

State Standards

Well, I am writing this post and getting paid for it! I am teaching the Computer Class for the CPS. What I was realized is that the State Standards are obsolete. You can apply them for writing lesson plan. LOL But the truth of the matter, the standards really do not relect what the new student of the 21st cntury need to learn in todays higher level thinking. Yes, there are vague curriculumns standards, what we need are new technology standards, maybe a complete set that is free standing and not inter-woven. I do beleive this is not a inter-woven class and that it can be readily dismissed when the budet is low. Ba humbug technology is life and education. It should be mandated at all lvl's. What I have seen in our technology class for teachers is sad. Teachers at the Master lvl acting and posting the way they do. I would like for them to try that nonsense in another class. I am so glad no one will ever read this

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Using scaffolding to teach how to build a website

1) Provides clear directions
2) Clarifies purpose "Why are we doing this?"
3)Stay on task
4) Clarify expectations
5) Worthy sources
6) Reduces uncertainty, surprise and disappointment
7) Delivers efficiency
8)Creates momentum

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Making Higher Standards

Making higher standards a reality for
students will require more than just the
status quo inside our nation’s classrooms;
curriculum, assessments, and—above all—
teaching must improve dramatically. In our
view, teaching is the next frontier in the
continuing struggle to improve schools.
Standards set the course, and assessments
provide the benchmarks, but it is teaching
that must be improved to push us along the
path to success.