Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Who would find this service useful?
Anyone who uses multiple computers or multiple browsers ie. Students, road warriors, even casual users!
Anyone that had problems with their browser losing their bookmarks.
Anyone that wants to distribute groups of links to other people.
Anyone that wants a USEFUL page on the web that they'll come back again and again.
Why should you use this service?
You get a page where you control ALL the links. Not just one or two. ALL. Why get stuck with what Yahoo or Excite thinks is best for you?
It's convenient. You can access your bookmarks from any computer.
Forget about synchronizing all your bookmarks in your various browsers.
Share your links easily. Change your links, and people sharing those links will have their links change too!
Don't lose your bookmarks when your computer crashes!
NO BANNER ADS! What other site can boast that!
Did I mention that it's free?


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