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Using Internet Programs - Surfing the Net (A Quick Start Using Netscape 4.5)
Start the Program---
Windows: Start > Programs > find the folder and then click on the program or just click on the program Macintosh: Hard Drive > find the Netscape folder and then double click on the program
All of the current browsers (Internet programs) on the market have certain things in common:
There’s a massive amount of information out there for you to use and the browser is your window to view that information.
The Parts of the Program
Back Button If you need to go to the screen (or "Web Page") you were just on, click on this button and it will take you there. Reload or Refresh Sometimes the web page is taking too long to load or didn’t get all of the button or pictures. Sometimes you just need to update the page’s information. Click on this button to load the page again. Home Button Every browser has an internet address that it uses as its "Home". You can program yours to take you to a specific page each time you click on it. Try Edit > Preferences in Netscape 4.5 to set your home page’s address. Here are some common homepages:
Your school’s home page www.aps.edu
Print Button Sometimes you’ll need to print an internet site. Click on this button to do it. Be careful! There could be many pages to the printout! Try highlighting the text you need and pasting it in a word processor. Stop Button Too many pictures? Can’t seem to load the movie clip? Taking too long? Click on this button to stop the loading process so you can move on to something else. Location (URL) Box When you see an add on TV or in the newspaper that says "Visit the Smithsonian Institute on the Internet at www.si.edu", click in the box and get rid of the old address that’s in there, then type the new address in its place (don’t worry about the http:// - the browser will insert for you) AND THEN PRESS ENTER.
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